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The Long Road

Athletes want to compete and will compete even when hurt. It is their very nature that injury is ignored, often times until it becomes detrimental to a career. Harriet Owen suffered a serious concussion in March of 2021 at a training camp; but kept…

Everything. Has. Changed.

Danny Estevez of Best Buddies Racing launches the 2022 season for us. He’s an athlete who made the choice to leave the sport as a junior and then, when he was ready, to come back and drive for the top step on the podium. In 2021 he achieved that goal,…

What We Liked About 2021

The final episode of the season has arrived. Céline, Allan, and I breakdown, hopefully in a lighthearted fashion, what we liked about 2021. We are brought to you by the , a unique racing experience on RGT that brings together in real life racers and…

What We Should Have Learned in 2021

Great Expectations



Gears and Guitars a Winston-Salem Recap

We are getting ready for a couple week break here; but before we do it, Boedi, Céline, Allan and I need to fill you in on all the details from the big weekend in Winston-Salem and two days of phenomenal racing.  We are brought to you by Source…