Spencer Haugh

Ep. 53 – Erik Saunders aka ERok aka The Juggernaut

This week: Eric Saunder, talks about everything: Tro-Bro Leon, Navigators, Ofoto, Enduro, László Bodrogi and that’s just the part I can remember. Lots of deep cuts on this one.

We’ve got two, TWO 16th place contests this week. Get your picks…

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Ep. 51 – The Six Monuments Of Bike Racing aka shim

Ep. 48 – wiki Myerson

Ep. 47 – A Big Cycling CIRC Jerk

This week there is a lot to chew on with the release of the CIRC report from the UCI, but true fans of the podcast know that all we really care about is Dan Craven’s (@danfromnam) early racing season and if the carpet matches the drapes for when it…

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Ep. 45 – “Real Racing” aka The Sausage Fest

This weeks episode has more pop then a 13 year old’s birthday party. Who will win the TOUR? When does the season start? Why should you care who gets 16th at the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad?

These and many more amazing questions will be answered.

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Ep. 44 – Cycling News To Sigh About

This week we wonder what Spencer would say……ugh….. Is he in a snow drift?

Littleguy tries to ignore a certain Mr. Lance Armstrong away and Tim nerds out on the hour record. Will someone retire before this episode gets finished? Fatbike…

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