Spencer Haugh

Ep. 44 – Cycling News To Sigh About

This week we wonder what Spencer would say……ugh….. Is he in a snow drift?

Littleguy tries to ignore a certain Mr. Lance Armstrong away and Tim nerds out on the hour record. Will someone retire before this episode gets finished? Fatbike…

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Doc Hollywood Special Report

The Doc Hollywood Invitational is a free ride based out of Micanopy, Florida. It is named after the greatest movie ever filmed in North Central Florida. The ride started when Tim decided to bring a little of the upper midwest free gravel community to…

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Ep. 43 – Steel Workers Union Local 853

This week you get 100% more jokes for your slow ride buck. Old man Hayes tells those bike messengers to get off his lawn and back in the bars. Road racers attempting to get organized with the toughest rider in the peleton leading the American…

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Ep. 42 – How The Swap Was One

This week our hosts reveal the BEST bike swap tips ever! Then delve into CX Worlds, the sadfaces on the podium, the youngsters mixing it up, and the #BORINGNESS of the men’s race and then move on to the upcoming road season!

Dark horses for the…

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Ep. 41 – Snubfest 2015: Who Would You Invite To Yo

This week we’ve got the whole gang back together for a classic episode. We learn all about legit single speed racing, who should get invited to which race and why having your bike in the World Tour might not matter.

Did Spencer buy enough coffee to…

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Ep. 40 – Our second best guest ever!*

This week we were joined by @resultsboy himself, Colin Reuter. We grilled him about #treepeople, USAC Shenanigans, and of course this piece and this other piece that he wrote after the botched 2014-15 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals last week.


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Ep. 39 – Tree People Won Cyclocross Nationals

This weeks episode is primarily focus on how weird Austin kept it for #CXNats, but also includes some great euro-cycling updates, kit discussions, and embarrassing realization by Spencer that he doesn’t know who the new French CX National Champ…

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Ep. 38 – Nationals, Wizards, Weird Bowling and Bic


LG at 42

Weird Bowling

The most important Nationals

Tim’s 2015 crit debut

Race radios

Helen Wyman

Much, much more…

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Ep. 37 – Do The Legwarmers Match The Kit?

It’s a doping Christmas miracle. If your looking for a doping excuse we’ve got you covered. Also more fashion advice from the experts on this week’s episode.

-Hour records

-CX skills


-Doping excuses

-The death of the…

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Ep. 36 – Ep – 36- ZOMG! Holiday Awards Show!

This week is our Year End Awards Show! Listen to see not just who gets it wrong, but who gets it the most wrong. (Hint: it’s Tim).

Categories include (but not limited to):

– Most impressive in 2014

– Most embarrassing rider/team

– Who will eat…

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