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This is the testing grounds for new ideas, short runs, and all other manner of experimentation on the Wide Angle Podium Network. Shows you provide great feedback on will likely "graduate" to their own feeds eventually and become full fledged WAP shows!

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Radio Zwift No. 2

Mike Swart and Kevin Bouchard-Hall return from their trainer caves to join host Zach Schuster for Episode 2 of the Zwift podcast you didn’t know you needed. The trio talks about the virtual Tour de France, making Zwift racing more compelling, and…

Radio Zwift No. 1

Zach Schuster hosts the debut episode of Radio Zwift, Wide Angle Podium’s Zwift-specific podcast. Joining Zach for this show are Kevin Bouchard-Hall and Mike Swart. Let us know what you think about the show at on Twitter.

No Training Wheels | Our Criterium Nation

Prologue – Marketing Strategy with Andrew Rosch of Trek

Marketing Strategy with Andrew Rosch of Trek bikes

No Training Wheels | Life and Cycling in the Time of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic may be a defining moment in our lifetimes, and it certainly has been a story that has, and will continue, to dominant the world and our...

No Training Wheels | Rahsaan Bahati: Giving Back

This episode originally aired in September of 2019: Multi-time national champion and former professional bike racer Rahsaan Bahati and I got comfortable on his good friend Dan's couch after...

WAP Greenroom 0005 – David and Spencer

Everyone just keeps chillin in the Greenroom! Today we have Spencer and Mr. David Palan talking about all the typical greenroom stuff. Boston, Kanza, tire choice, etc.  You won't...

WAP Greenroom 0004 – Rob and Scott

Two green room episodes in two days! Yes that's how we roll at WAP! This time Scott is back with Rob Kelley, the newest host in the WAP parts...

WAP Greenroom 0003 – Matt and Scott

The latest WAP Greenroom brings together “Little Guy” Matt and Scott.  Another Slowride – Bike Shop CX combo.  We talk old school bikes a bit and “saving” old frames. ...