What I Wish I Had Known

Experience is a great; yet brutal teacher. The lessons we learn from it can make us stronger; however, we don't need to suffer the most onerous lessons ourselves. Rather, we can learn from others. In this episode we share with you some of the important ones to know when you line up for your first big race. Our teachers are the best of them all…the real life pros that light up the world's biggest crit stages.

Sit back and listen as your instructors Tina Pic, Kristen LaSasso, Christina Gokey-Smith, Whitney Allison, Kristen Arnold, Tyler Reynolds, Eric Hill, Stephen Vogel, Ricky Arnopol, Evan Hartig, Natalia Franco Villegas, and Cesar Gallego share what it is they wish they had known before signing up to race the best of the best. 

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