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Flamingo Racer with Madison Kelly

The time away from the hustle of commuting and office jobs has given some of us a little bit more time to think and an opportunity to be a bit more introspective than normal. So we thought we’d use that extra bit of introspection to talk with this…

The Golden Girl

The 2020 season has been interrupted moving forward, but it doesn't mean that cycling didn't happen in 2020. Just ask Lily Williams of Rally Cycling and Team USA. She earned her rainbow stripes in the team pursuit in Berlin. Alone that is worth the story; but there is way more to Lily than just being a world champion. In this episode we talk about what it's like to be an Olympic hopeful, her rise to prominence in cycling and how it took a total burnout in her prior life in track to discovery the simple joys of just being on a bike.

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And learn more about her team Rally Cycling and all their great partners. And don't forget to register your bike at Bike Index.

Behind the Lens

Our sport denies slowing down, it is fundamentally antithetical to bike racing. But when you live at Mach 12 with your hair on fire, you miss details. That's why photography remains so important, it allows us to freeze a moment in time, and to embrace all that is within it, the good, the bad, the triumphs, and the failures.
The guest on today's show, Bruce Buckley, is a photographer extraordinaire who specializes in capturing imagery of two-wheeled accomplishments. In this episode we explore the how, the why, and most importantly the details of capturing the fastest paced action for all time.

Find more of his work at or Instagram at @bruce_buckley.

Life and Cycling in the Time of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic may be a defining moment in our lifetimes, and it certainly has been a story that has, and will continue, to dominant the world and our news cycles. It definitely has had an impact on our lives including the sport of bike racing. With events being postponed/cancelled, and an uncertain future, we are confronted with options on how to respond. In this episode we change the script a bit and talk with four different people from four different parts of the sport to see how it is effecting them.

First we speak with Bill Schieken, @CXHairs on Twitter and Instagram, about his views on the impact the virus has had on the cycling season and the emotions that come with it. Then we turn to Zack Allison, @zacharylallison on Instagram, a cycling coach for Source Endurance (, a pro with Team CLIF Bar Cycling, @clifbarracing on Instagram, and an event director for the FoCo Fondo, @focofondo on IG. Zack tells us how he's approaching the situation when it comes to his event and how Team CLIF Bar is managing to maintain its focus without racing.

Up third is Ali Sheehan, @ali.sheehan on IG, you may remember her British accent from last season's show about her journey to the US from England to explore our crit scene. She had an adventure three times as large planned for this year and because of the virus it's all been interrupted. That would upset the best of us; but Ali shows us how she's managing and keeping a positive attitude despite it all. The episode wraps up with Adam Pulford, @coach_AP on Insta and Twitter, a cycling coach for Carmichael Training Systems ( and provider of perspective. As always, Coach Adam helps us see the forest for the trees and dial in on the things that are really critical.

Open but not Obvious

Season 2 Trailer

It’s just about that time, #RoadIsComing, and the Second Season of the podcast starts on January 21!