Rob Kelly

The Future is Alright (Part 1)

Christmas with Starla Teddergreen of Team Illuminate

We all have our favorite holidays, and Starla Teddergreen’s is Christmas. There is something about gift wrap and the joy of opening presents that fills her with joy. For us, the joy has been watching her race the best criteriums and road races in the…

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Giving Thanks

This week’s episode is Avenger’s Endgame worthy. In this episode we bring together the guests from 2020 to give you a show about finding happiness and giving thanks in a year that was not designed for either. To do this we enlist the help of guest…

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What I Wish I Had Known

Experience is a great; yet brutal teacher. The lessons we learn from it can make us stronger; however, we don’t need to suffer the most onerous lessons ourselves. Rather, we can learn from others. In this episode we share with you some of the…

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