She’ll Be Back, Like Before

Ata Marie, is good morning in Maori, the language of the native population of New Zealand, and the home of Olivia Ray. At just 22 years old, she already owns 16 U.S. and New Zealand national championships and a dominating crit racers. We met her earlier this year at the ButcherBox team camp in Southern California and knew we had to have a sit down with her to talk bike racing, the Olympics, and so much more. But our timing took a huge turn when she said she was willing to fly 26 hours, and quarantine for 14 days just to get back to Auckland to try her hand at the Vantage New Zealand national criterium championship in Christchurch. Cleary, Covid was also discussed.

Follow Olivia on IG @oliviaraycycling or her team @butcherboxcycling.

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