Reviresco is a latin word which translates multiple ways; but our favorite is “I shall rise again.” Six months into the quarantine and amidst social turmoil we are confronted with unprecedented challenges to our cycling community. Those challenges face not just individual bike racers; but also the companies in the cycling industry. We are learning just how interconnected we all are, the lack of races means less marketing opportunities for clothing manufacturers, less bike racing means people are foregoing upgrading equipment and bike companies are struggling to keep up with a demand that went through the roof at the outset of the quarantine. The events of 2020 have exposed the limits of our industry; but also they are creating new opportunities. In this episode we speak with 3 storytellers about the industry. First we speak with Ryan Cady of Eliel Cycling Apparel about creating a brand and what it takes to grow a company in the challenges of normal life. Then we speak with Simon Marks of Feature Story News about the macro impacts of the economy facing North America. We also talk to Spencer Haugh, the genius behind the Slow Ride Podcast and a life-long cycling insider about how 2020 is impacting our narrow part of the world.

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