Rahsaan Bahati on Growing up as a Bike Racer in Los Angeles & Making Positive Impacts on Others

This is the way to end the inaugural season of this podcast, with a huge name and an even bigger message. Rahsaan and I grabbed a spot on a comfy couch, set up the microphones and then just talked about life and bikes. The end result was a great conversation about how a sixth grader took a “punishment” and turned it into a profession and a passion. We explore the education that getting outside of your bubble brings to those willing to give it a shot. And then we finish up with what the peloton may look like 10-15 years into the future. Follow Rahsaan on Social Media: @bahatiracing (Facebook, IG & Twitter) Bahati Foundation website: www.bahatifoundation.org or on Facebook @bahatifoundation or IG @bahatifdn Methods to Winning @methodstowinning (on IG or Facebook) Photo by @totally_tish