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The Project Echelon Files Chapter 3

We catch up with "Crit" Ricky and Wünderkid Ethan Crane this week. Don't worry, there is a special Monkisode coming; but we've gone far too long between shows so we need to split things up. We are brought to you buy Source Endurance, the internet's...

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Episode 39 – Zwift is Coming

The days are getting shorter and the bike trainers are a little less lonely, which can only mean one thing: Zwift is Coming. Which is weird because Kevin swears Zwift is Dead. And Zach did a Peloton ride, for content.  Nowhere Fast is a member of...

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Ep 46 | Tushar and July Power Rankings

Zach, Amanda and Bill recap Crusher in the Tushar before revealing the updated Groadio Power Rankings. Check out our sponsor Hammerhead and the Karoo 2. For a limited time, our listeners can get a free heart-rate monitor with the purchase of...

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We learn from the best. We learn from those who come before us. We learn from each other. The key is that we learn and become better. We are joined by Peter Olejniczak and Adam Myerson to talking about their mentor-mentee relationship and how to do it...

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Episode 270 | Kerry Werner

Kerry Werner is back. Bill catches up with Kerry in his Vinton, Virginia, home following the US Amateur Road National Championships to talk about his season so far and his plans for the rest of the year. We also try, once again, to fix US cyclocross....

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ep 397 The Years Blend Together

Ep 45 | June Gravel Review

June was a busy month on the gravel scene, with Lost and Found, BWR North Carolina, and the Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder keeping things going after Unbound. Amanda and Zach also talk about rider safety in the wake of some sketchy moves at BWR and some...

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Episode 269 | Frank Deal and GO Cross

For episode 269 of Cyclocross Radio, Bill talks to Frank Deal, race director for GO Cross, a C1/C2 cyclocross weekend that is part of the USCX series.  Follow GO Cross on Instagram at . This episode is brought to you by Hammerhead and the Karoo...

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