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The Midfield No. 1 | Brayden Johnson

Brayden Johnson (Bear National) is Amanda's first guest on The Midfield, our bonus content focusing on riders of note in the middle of the gravel pack. Amanda chat with...

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Episode 49 – Tri Hard, With a Vengeance

We watched a Super League Triathlon live event broadcast so we could speculate if it is the next big thing in virtual racing. We also went back and talked...

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What Do We Know About the NCL?

Hopefully when you get to the end of this episode you know more than you do now. We are joined this week by Jonathan Crain to help crack the...

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Ep 58 | Kerry Werner

Kerry Werner started his cycling career as a cross-country mountain bike racer. He then moved on to racing cyclocross at the highest level before adding gravel racing to his...

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Life Time Grand Prix Docuseries Review

Let's apply what we've learned about media from our last episode and do so by taking a deep dive look into the docuseries recently released by Cold Collaborative about...

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Ep 429 Double Slovenian Hat Trick