How it Would Have Happened

It’s been a rough year for us criterium racers. If some of us were lucky, we were able to sneak in a race in warmer climates or out west in March or February before the coronavirus hit our shores and shut everything down. It’s left a lot of us trying to figure out how to keep training and riding; or looking at other priorities in our lives.

For some of us, it has led to some incredible creativity and new discoveries like baking sourdough bread or that long-lost talent for guitar. However, for most of us it has left us frankly wondering what if. 

Well look no further than this episode to answer that question. What if the 2020 crit season had taken place? Who would have walked away with the biggest prizes in all the land, from winning the USA Cycling criterium championships to the vaunted USACRITS overall in both the team and individual competitions. We’ve got that covered.

In addition, you’ve probably been thinking to yourself; what are the criteriums that can make a cyclists career? Why don’t we have the monuments of crit racing like the World Tour has its 5 monuments? Again, we’ve got you covered. We draft the top 10 essential criteriums in the US and Canada and explain why they’ve made our list.

And you might be asking, “we” who is we? This episode features a very special guest co-host. If you like what he does here please let us know and we’ll keep him around. So much going on in this episode, you are definitely not going to want to miss it.

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