This week's episode is Avenger's Endgame worthy. In this episode we bring together the guests from 2020 to give you a show about finding happiness and giving thanks in a year that was not designed for either. To do this we enlist the help of guest co-host Lily Williams of Rally Cycling and the 2020 Team Pursuit World Champion. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the stars of this year in order of appearance:

  1. Robin Meidhof
  2. The guys from The Gravel Lot
  3. Lindsay Goldman, Eliel Cycling Apparel 
  4. Dino Piskopanis, ButcherBox Cycling
  5. Adam Mills, Source Endurance
  6. Madison Kelly, CWA Racing
  7. Adam Pulford, DC Velo
  8. Ali Sheehan, Team Tekkerz
  9. Christina Gokey Smith, Team Colavita
  10. Olivia Ray, ButcherBox Cycling
  11. Zach Gregg, Project Echelon
  12. Maize Wimbush, Team Twenty24
  13. Jason Meidhof, Monster Media
  14. Eric Hill, Project Echelon
  15. Bruce Buckley
  16. The guys from The Slow Ride Podcast
  17. Amanda Nauman, SDG Factory Team / The Groadio

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