No Training Wheels

Behind the Lens

Our sport denies slowing down, it is fundamentally antithetical to bike racing. But when you live at Mach 12 with your hair on fire, you miss details. That’s why photography remains so important, it allows us to freeze a moment in time, and to embrace all that is within it, the good, the bad, the…

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Life and Cycling in the Time of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic may be a defining moment in our lifetimes, and it certainly has been a story that has, and will continue, to dominant the world and our news cycles. It definitely has had an impact on our lives including the sport of bike racing. With events being postponed/cancelled, and an uncertain future, we…

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Season 2 Trailer

It’s just about that time, #RoadIsComing, and the Second Season of the podcast starts on January 21!

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