Rouleur Derby Returns

After a long break, the popular game is back to entertain and challenge fans of professional cycling.

March 11, 2019

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS—No longer must cycling fans travel to Europe to experience the thrill of cycling bookmaking.

Rouleur Derby, the exciting fantasy game that lets players bet on professional cycling, is thrilled to announce its return for the 2019 season.
Presented by Wide Angle Podium, Rouleur Derby is free to play, and it is the only fantasy cycling game to be based on the parimutuel style of betting. In this format, odds are constantly changing depending on how many points players have bet on any given outcome. The longer the odds, the greater the reward.

In addition to predicting the winners of races, players can wager on various fun and interesting prop bets. Popular examples include: “Who will get over the Poggio first?” and “Will there be a dog- or livestock-related crash at the Tour de France?”

Rouleur Derby will also be one of the few instruments with which fans can bet on the outcome of women’s races. It will also cover cyclocross as well as road.

Propositions open with a “morning line” established by the house. From there, odds change with each bet, using Rouleur Derby’sproprietaryalgorithms to reflect the wisdom of the crowd.
“Morning-line odds are based on a combination of exhaustive research and machine learning,” says Hiro Boyd, Rouleur Derby’s senior director of play and quantitative analysis. “In the end, however, nothing beats a good hunch.”
Rouleur Derby first launched in 2010 and went on hiatus after the 2013 season. Like any cyclist after a taper period, it is returning faster, more rested, and better looking.

“Rouleur Derby is almost certainly the world's greatest fantasy cycling game,” says Spencer Haugh, Wide Angle Podium CEO and co-host of The Slow Ride Podcast. “Our partnership is another huge step for WAP toward our goal of dominating the cycling infotainment niche.”

New this season, Rouleur Derby is partnering with Wide Angle Podium, the world’s finest network of independent cycling podcasts. Wide Angle Podium will be producing a podcast to discuss weekly Rouleur Derbyodds, and members of Wide Angle Podium get a bonus when they join Rouleur Derby.

Action opens with this week’s Tirreno-Adriatico and will heat up for Milan-San Remo, where Peter Sagan opens as a 5/1 favorite.

Players can join Rouleur Derby at any time. To get in on the fun, go to

For further information, contact Luke Seemann, Rouleur Derby’s creator and owner, at