Episode 28: What’s On Bill’s DAP? No. 3

For this third installment of What's on Bill's DAP? We concentrate on more new music. More hip hop with a few old non-rap tunes thrown in for good measure. Also, some podcast and YouTube recommendations. Finally, I said Baggy Trousers was by the Jam. It's Madness. I look forward to your emails and tweets. And my screen cap of this errata to send in response.

SPOILER ALERT … here's the playlist:

Baggy Trousers~MADNESS

See You Sweat~Injury Reserve

Dry Rain~The Meatpuppets

Live From Iron Curtain~Apathy and OC

Call Ticketron~Run The Jewels

Malcolm~G Herbo


Another Chessboxin' Argument~Wugazi


The Mix Up~Beastie Boys

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