Episode 16: Dr. Kristin Keim

On episode 16 of Crosshairs Radio we check in with Dr. Kristin Keim, who has a doctorate in clinical psychology and a masters in sports psychology. Dr. Keim works with athletes in all disciplines including many top-level cyclists and cyclocross racers.

I've followed Dr. Keim on Twitter for quite some time and knew she worked with several of the best cyclocross racers in the country. When Gabby Durrin announced her retirement in a December 15 blog post (www.team-awesome.cc/neon-velo/closing-a-chapter-and-starting-a-new) it was this passage that caught my attention: “I had spent some months leading up to the season working with a really great sports psychologist in Kristin Keim. She really helped me to express myself and just let go of some tough feelings I had been holding onto. It had been an emotional few months. I realised through working with Kristin that I had been dealing with depression.”

Knowing that psychology is a huge part of cycling, not to mention all of sport, I've always had it on my list to invite a sports psychologist on the show. Kristin's added focus on depression and helping athletes transition out of sport is what compelled me to seek her out specifically for a chat. Especially following Gabby's retirement announcement.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode. Some of the discussion may seem like it is focused on professional athletes, but there is something in here for everyone. We even talk a bit about the biggest issues facing masters racers. Kristin has a bunch of tips you can use to help your performance and a bunch more food for thought.

After you're done listening, or even while you listen, you can learn more about Dr. Keim's practice at www.keimperformanceconsulting.com.