Episode 13: Taylor, Elliott and Kevin

For episode 13 of Crosshairs Radio we have a post-Thanksgiving holiday roundtable with three of my friends and teammates: Taylor Jones (@jtaylorjones), Elliott Caldwell (@ef_caldwell) and Kevin Hays (CXShark).

Taylor and Elliott are my co-hosts on the Kids Don't Follow podcast where we talk music. But they also ride and race bikes. As does Kevin, the CX Shark. So we all gathered in my basement to run down everything that's anything in the world of cyclocross.

There's no real itinerary so we get a bit off track here and there. But it's all good. From Boonen and friends, to Koksijde, with stops at single-speed cyclocross world championships, and Flying Squirrel baseball games somewhere in between, we leave no leaf unturned.

We then end the show with our picks for an album you should be listening to right now. Or at least, after you finish the podcast.