Crosshairs Radio Episode 2: Tim Johnson and Renaat Schotte

I had the opportunity to catch up with U.S. Cyclocross Legend, Tim Johnson, who may not be pinning on a number in the professional ranks anymore, but that doesn’t mean he’s not involved in cycling. Along with his continued advocacy work, he remains active with VW and Red Bull to promote the sport. Tim has also become one of the best cycling analysts on television, today. He walks us through his thoughts on CrossVegas and how the professional ranks of cyclocross will shake out this coming season. Then we talk about hydration because you can’t say cyclocross without saying hydration zone, these days. 

Our second chat is with Renaat Schotte. If you have ever watched a cycling broadcast or highlights on Sporza, the Belgian sports network, you have seen and heard Renaat. He is the in-race commentator who is called on throughout a race to give updates from the pits or along the course. He also spends time broadcasting from the back of a moto at major stage races and covering track events. It was wonderful to get a Belgian perspective on CrossVegas and the upcoming season. Renaat also gives a classically Belgian view on the whole feeding controversy.

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