Christian Meier – More than racing bikes

If you've travelled to Girona, and you're a coffee connoisseur, you're sure to have visited La Fabricaor Espresso Mafia– two of the few places you can get a decent brew in town. And if you've visited either of those, you're bound to have checked out The Service Course -´the ultimate Pro experience´ executed by Christian Meier and his wife, Amber.

He's no longer in the pro peloton but still very much involved in the cycling world. Christian Meier is an ex-teammate of mine, having raced together on Orica-Greenedge. He's a super interesting guy and apart from being a pro bike rider himself, he's now very well known in Girona for being the first to bring specialty coffee to this cycling Mecca. I´ve always enjoyed chatting with Christian, and it was great hearing his story of how he transitioned out of the sport. But what I found most interesting was how he was able to apply his professional cycling mentality into the everyday business world. I pick his brains on racing, retiring and hear the latest on his growing empire, The Service Course. We had some great laughs over a good brew, be sure to have a listen!

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