The Slow Ride Podcast

Ep 55 – Mapei Attack and Giro News

The Slow Ride Podcast: Bikes, Advice and Cycling R

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Ep. 54: – Tin Tin Turkey…no Tim

This week is a 100% Tim free zone. Congratulations Sara. But have no fear you still get the snark and rambing story that you wanted.

Spencer gets the inside Redhook scoop. We talk #16th place Fleche and Liege and Littleguy has the twitter scoop that…

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Ep. 53 – Erik Saunders aka ERok aka The Juggernaut

This week: Eric Saunder, talks about everything: Tro-Bro Leon, Navigators, Ofoto, Enduro, László Bodrogi and that’s just the part I can remember. Lots of deep cuts on this one.

We’ve got two, TWO 16th place contests this week. Get your picks…

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Ep. 51 – The Six Monuments Of Bike Racing aka shim

Ep. 48 – wiki Myerson

Ep. 47 – A Big Cycling CIRC Jerk

This week there is a lot to chew on with the release of the CIRC report from the UCI, but true fans of the podcast know that all we really care about is Dan Craven’s (@danfromnam) early racing season and if the carpet matches the drapes for when it…

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