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HBP #3 – Real Heavy

Hark! It is Episode Three of The Workingman’s Honest Bicycle Program! In this episode: local CX race chatter devolves rapidly into a discussion on frame materials and what we think about them. The philosophy of the show is further elucidated in the conversation that follows, and we pour out a Belgian triple for the racing…

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HBP #2: The WHBP Halloween Special

Episode Two of the Working Man’s Honest Bicycle Program is here, just in time for Halloween! (Disclaimer: this episode may or may not contain any references to Halloween, costumes, scary things or the color orange. Use only as advised. Not valid for figure skaters in Wisconsin.) In this spooktacular episode: fish gotta swim, birds gotta…

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HBP #1: You Know It When You See It

Behold! The first-ever episode of The Workingman’s Honest Bicycle Program is live! What is WHBP? It’s an informal discussion between friends about bikes, bike racing and bike riding. You can think of WHBP as a “ronde van yer neighborhood.” As mattio puts it, “we know what we’re talking about with all this foreign bike stuff,…

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