Kids Don’t Follow

Kids Don’t Follow Episode 3: The Britpop Show

Taylor and Bill look back at Britpop’s heyday, 1992-1997. It’s an Oasis and Blur heavy episode, but we cover a lot of other ground as well, including influences, predecessor bands and the acts that rode the Britpop wave. We do it all in a non-linear fashion. Let us know what you think at @KDFpodcast and…

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Kids Don’t Follow Episode 2: The Sophomore Slump

In episode 2 of the KDF Podcast, we discuss Record Store Day (or Record Shop Day): its history, exclusive releases for this year, and a brewing controversy over the impact of the event. We then take a look back at our favorite live shows and the stories surrounding those memories. Please follow us on twitter at @kdfpodcast. You…

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Kids Don’t Follow Podcast: No. 1 Episode

Taylor Jones, Elliott Caldwell and Bill Schieken get together to talk music on the first episode of the Kids Don’t Follow Podcast. Topics include favorite third track/side one songs, favorite albums from 1995, and notable new releases. Everything from The Replacements to Riot Girrrl and many disparate points between are discussed. Thanks for listening.

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