Hosted ByAmanda Nauman, Zach Schuster, & Bill Schieken

If you are a fan of gravel cycling, this is the podcast for you. Amanda Nauman and Zach Schuster talk gravel racing, gear, race profiles, recaps, preparation, and all things gravel bike riding.

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Ep 4 | Amanda Nauman

With the curious noob out of the office, Zach and gravel-cyclocross-mtb veteran, Amanda Nauman, get deep really into the roadside weeds about the state of gravel in the U.S. You can follow Amanda on Twitter at  and on Instagram at …

Ep 3 | The Inaugural Gravel Power Rankings

On GROADIO ep 3, Zach Schuster shares the first ever gravel racing power rankings. Using a sophisticated algorithm, spreadsheets, and pen and paper, Zach has compiled the top 10 men and women gravel racers based on achievement, start lists, and…

Ep 2 | On The Ground At Dirty Kanza

For Episode 2 of GROADIO, Zach is back from Emporia and gives us the debrief from Dirty Kanza that only an experienced gravel racing reporter can. We cover the DK200 races, the controversies, the post-race dust ups and everything in between. Catch up…