Episode 9: Ben Frederick

Ben Frederick is a professional bike racer whose name outside of the Mid-Atlantic region may not be one you know. But you may soon. At the time we recorded this podcast he was ranked 15th in the ProCX standings, finished fourth at Charm City, third and fifth at DCCX and has moved up to 150th in the UCI world rankings.

Ben had dreams of being a pro road racer and now is refocusing those dreams to cyclocross. He has started his own team, Beyond CX, and has a great story.

This is a long episode. But I think you'll like it. We cover a lot of ground and for anybody with dreams of glory in professional cyclocross, I think it's a really nice look into what it looks like on the way up. Ben has fought through some substantial setbacks but continues to strive for the top tier of cyclocross. By the time we're done talking, you'll no longer ask the question: Who is Ben Frederick.

For more information about Ben and his team, check out www.beyondcx.rocks. Follow Ben at @benjamfred and @beyondcxrocks.

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