Episode 25: Cynthia Connolly and Amanda MacKaye

For episode 25 of Kids Don't Follow we have two amazing special guests. Cynthia Connolly, who is an artist, photographer and curator and the person behind the book Banned in DC joins us along with the musician, concert promoter, teenage record company executive known as Amanda MacKaye.

We ask some questions, pretend to have some sort of structure, but in the end, it's just a great conversation about DC, music and growing up.

Thanks so much to Sol Schott of Acme Pie Co. for organizing and driving everyone through DC traffic.

To learn even more about Cynthia, check out http://www.cynthiaconnolly.com/.

And make Amanda's day by going to http://www.fortreno.com/ and donating much needed funds to keep the concert series alive.

Thanks for tuning in.

Opening track: Abysmal Yellow Popcorn Wall~Shudder To Think: https://shuddertothink.bandcamp.com/album/curses-spells-voodoo-mooses

Closing track: Baby~Soulside: https://soulside.bandcamp.com/album/trigger-bass-103

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