Episode 20: Minnesota Punk With Spencer Haugh

On episode 20 we are joined by Spencer Haugh from The Slow Ride Podcast to talk about growing up punk in the Twin Cities. Although Spencer now resides in Boston he was born and bred in the Minnesota crusty punk scene.

Spencer and Elliott give the lowdown on the lost generation of punk in the late nineties with a special emphasis on the Minnesota scene. Taylor joins Bill in the basement too ask questions, derail the conversation, and drink sparkling water.

Set List:

Monolith/Time Bomb~Amebix

Doomed Society~Code 13

Suckers, Intl. Has Gone Public/Doublewhiskeycokenoice~Dillinger Four

Where Did We Go Wrong~Strike

Wrong~Off With Their Heads

Separation Perfected~Impetus Inter

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