Advertising Rates


There are several ways to connect with the thousands of content-hungry listeners of the Wide Angle Podium Network. Check out the options below, and contact Spencer at with any questions, or to schedule your ads.

Word-of-mouth has long been the pinnacle achievement of any marketing plan, but how to effectively create it authentically has been hard for marketers to pinpoint.
Running a Network-wide Campaign on WAP is simply the most effective method that there is to reach real customers with a strong word-of-mouth marketing campaign. 
Reach your audience, bypass the pop-up ad blockers, reach the cord cutters, and most importantly reach a dedicated & passionate audience. Our listeners trust WAP hosts, we've worked extremely hard to build this trust. And with a Network-wide Campaign, by association they will trust your brand too!
Podcast advertising has the highest ROI when following two simple guidelines; Consistency and Authenticity. WAP's Network-wide Campaign gives your brand both! 
A month-long, consistent message across all of our shows will resonate highly with our audience. We strongly recommend providing some guidelines and key points about your brand or service, along with any required messaging, allowing our hosts to represent you in their own words for maximum authenticity. While we can absolutely accommodate a script should you prefer it, we have seen the best results from a less restrictive approach.
We also highly recommend having a dedicated landing page [] and/or coupon code for your own ROI tracking. If you do not have the capabilities for a custom url we can provide one.

WAP Standard Rates:

WAP Standard Rate (a la carte): $25CPM
Total Network Podcast Downloads: 53,000
CXTV Standard Rate: $250/episode
Ads run across all WAP podcasts (53,000 downloads). Placement in the WAP email newsletter included. Links include in all podcast show notes in iTunes and on the WAP blog.
$25CPM Standard Rate is discounted 20%

Campaign Rate:

$1000/month ($20CPM)

CRM Explained:

Our current rate is $25/CPM

CPM = Cost Per 1000 Downloads

So, a show with 4,000 downloads per episode, the rate is $100

$25CPM x 4 = $100

**All WAP shows do retain the right to refuse any advertisements at their discretion

Membership Drive Match:

Exclusive partnership for the 2 week duration of our network-wide campaign. All shows participate in this “NPR style” membership drive, dedicating extra time on the podcast specifically to encourage donations. As a Drive Partner, your brand will be mentioned throughout these drive segments on every network show across the channel. The 2017 Member Drive will be early August, for the 2 weeks immediately following the Tour De France.

Your brand can be a Member Drive Match Partner a number of ways. 

Goal Match: You pledge a set dollar amount if the Network reach a pre-determined goal of new or upgrading members during the drive

Subscriber Match: You pledge a pre-determined amount per new subscriber during the drive

Donation Match: You pledge to match donations received during part of all of the drive

Member Drive Pricing:

Please email Spencer at for details on these opportunities, and how to best fit your brand needs.

Branded Episodes:

Some WAP shows may be interested in branding an entire special episode with your content! Please get in touch to discuss the potential.