About WAP

No nonsense. Next level.

Wide Angle Podium Communications is a comprehensive, top level, dynamic, and ultra-resourced service for marketing, public relations and communication in the cycling and outdoor industries. And now you can have unlimited access to us.

We specialize in getting things done, so that you can focus on your business.

Things we can do for you include; market research, competitive analysis, marketing strategy and consultation, product development and launch strategy, event and expo planning, athlete communication, sponsorship negotiation and follow-up. There is literally no limit to the ways we can help your business; if it can be done by email, we can do it for you.

Unlimited = Limitless potential

If you need to make an impression in the cycling market, we can make your marketing dollar go further.

We've collaborated with many of the industry's best known brands; Trek Bicycles, Lazer Helmets, Vittoria Tires, Feedback Sports, Endura Clothing, Kryptonite Locks, and Masi Bicycles

We can help you too. Without limits.

Maximize your marketing budget potential, hear what your customers really want, get the deliverables you pay for out of your sponsorships, extend the reach of your brand message, and most importantly; increase your own personal bandwidth.