Ep. 31 – $40 Cyclocross, SVENMESS, and “Pro Only”

This weeks episode is a special one. We’ve filled it full of pro tips and life lessons for beginners and veterans alike! Join us on a smooth silky journey into the world of cycling. But not the boring parts.


On the show:

OMFG a review of the Podcast!

Are we really Lance Armstrong haters?

Chris Boardman didn’t wear a helmet! Do we care?

Jens Voigt Hour Record Loser

“Pro Only” Sections of Cyclocross Courses; Hot or Not??

DRAMA ALERT: Singlespeed Cross Worlds Kerfuffle

Yahoo: How do I get into cyclocross? We finally give an honest answer.

DRAMA ALERT: The SVEN line: right or wrong at Koppenburgcross?