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    3.20 – Mehdi Farsi

    3.19 – Topics with TGL

    3.17 – Eli Orth

    Our show was built on local stories: This week's episode takes us back to that. He is a local police officer, dad, and perennial NUE front runner and superhero,...

    3.16 – Tyler Cloutier

    Tyler Cloutier is the embodiment of the privateer bike racer, but in a world of expensive travel, little sponsorship, and insane athletes, what drives him to play bikes alongside...

    3.15 – Joan Hanscom

    Joan Hanscom has done a lot of things in her career, but arguably none more influential than the USGP of Cyclocross. We discuss that, her present, and what the...

    3.14 – JB Hancock

    JB Hancock has carved out his place in the Michigan cycling landscape with hard work and creativity, all while maintaining a smiling face and positive attitude. How? The answer...