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Bike Shop Show 00102

Bike Shop Show 00101

After having the two biggest bike tool companies in the country in the past 2 weeks, this week I interview one of the little guys when I talk to Brian Davis from Fix It Sticks, then I get all tire geeky with Emily Zinn and Chris Clinton for Challenge…

Bike Shop Show 00100

This week I play my interview with Calvin Jones from Park Tool.  The accompanying video’s for this show can be found at

Bike Shop Show 00099

This week is one awesome interview!!  After visiting with MattyB Mathew Bracken, president of Pedro’s Tool North America for a couple of days at this years Frostbike I finally got to interview him…:)  Matt tells about his carreer, his…

Bike Shop Show 00098

This week I give disc brakes a little love by talking about the TRP Hy/Rd then have a bit of a discussion about bike mechanic pay and finish off in the bike shop talking about repairing crank pedal threads.