The Slow Ride Podcast

Ep. 30 – #podiumbucket

Welcome to episode 30! Defying conventional wisdom, we are back this week with some discussion of actual bike racing related topics! We also talk facial hair, debate what’s ruining cycling this week, as well as provide some useful tips for Yahoo…

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Ep. 29 – Answering the tough questions

This week our trio of hosts take on the tough questions in cycling, and learn a little something about each other in the process. This week features Reader Mail, Yahoo Answers!, titanium bicycles, something about USA Cycling none of us understand, and…

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Ep. 28 – Getting Into Gear

On this weeks podcast we do a whole lot of Search Engine Optimization by discussing things like Klein bicycles, vintage cars, Oleg Tinkov, Leadville 100, our best race travel tips, and tacos. Hmmm.

Oh, and FATBIKES! Now I’m sure we will just shoot up…

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Episode 27: What Really Grinds Our Gears!

Welcome to the latest episode of The Slow Ride Podcast! This week we go all TMZ on the world of cycling and let you know what you can do to stay ahead of the curve, what’s hot (and what’s not), and as always- what really grinds our gears. Listen in!…

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Ep. 26 – Back In Business.

After a week off for a needed break, (definitely not because we forgot to hit record on the podcasting machine last week), and better than ever!

Or possibly the same as ever.

Anyway, we are back to talk about bikes and bike stuff that regular people…

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Ep. 25: CATFIGHT! The argument episode.

This episode features some, uh, “healthy debate” about cycling and cycling culture. Our hosts accuse one another of being wrong, flip-flopping, and of not deserving it! Watch out!

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Ep. 24: Myth Busters

This week we make or break all the myths surrounding cycling culture! Well, maybe not ALL of them, but definitely the biggest CX myths you’ve heard, and we also shatter some myths about bike messengers.

We tried out a new format for the show too.

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Ep. 23: Louisville. The Next Myerson. French Cinem

Hello and welcome to The Slow Ride Podcast! This week on the show, Tim talks aircraft carriers and basks in his own glory, LittleGuy discusses French movies and Japanese pedals, and Spencer drones on about heckling and Louisville.

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Ep. 22: The Vuelta of Cyclocross Boredom

Send in the choppers! The season is getting real!

Welcome to the 22nd episode of the podcast, and thanks to all of you that made your way here through some random and strange google search but decided to stick around. We appreciate it.

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Ep. 21: The Now We Can Drink Episode

Hot off the presses, and our hosts are all a bit discombobulated this week. Spencer is destroyed from doing bicycle acrobatics all weekend, Tim had his famous pain face on in south florida, and Littleguy’s story just doesn’t add up.

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