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Rehab Common Sport Injuries – Bernard Condevaux

Physio, Physiotherapist, Sport Therapy, Injury, Olympics,
Bernard Condevaux is a Physiotherapist who has worked with cycling and many other Olympic sports and various athletes over his career. He shares a wealth of information about DOMS vs. Pain and how to deal with other common injuries that athletes run into. We also get to hear about his experience with saddle sores (so Molly was psyched! )

The Cycling Gym – Steve Neal

Strength, Master's Athletes, Cycling, Stretching, WKO4
This episode features a conversation between Steve Neal and Peter. Steve was Peter's mentor in coaching and also his long-time coach for mountain bike racing. Steve has influenced many athletes and coaches over the years. His passion and knowledge is evident as they catch up and go over topics ranging from stretching to power training, testing to marathon mountain biking.
A big topic is the use of other sports and exercises to benefit cycling. Steve has been doing this for years and we are still years from this becoming common practice. Enjoy!

March Q & A –

TSS, Threshold, Training when Sick, Intervals on Hills


March Q & A – thanks for questions !


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Training for Time Crunched Cyclists – Jim Rutberg

Training, Cycling, Busy People, Productivity, HIIT, Threshold, FTP


Jim Rutberg joins us today on the show to talk about the new 3rd edition of The Time Crunched Cyclist that is due out in March 2017. We talk about marketing/business practices for coaches, training tactics for those with limited time and what is new in the book, including strength training and a huge nutrition section.

Guiding Endurance Sport – Caroline Gaynor

KeyWords: Para-cycling, Parasport, guiding, tandems, paratriathlon, purpose, why, training


Caroline Gaynor joins us to tell us about her adventures guiding visually impaired endurance athletes in Ironmans. She talks about training around a full-time job, how to find guiding opportunities and discusses the highs and lows of putting your energy into helping someone experience crossing the finish line.


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February 2017 Q & A – Sprinting, Become a Coach, Training Camps

February's Q&A is here and it's a fun one!

Sprinting on the trainer:

The Coaching Process: how to become a coach

Endurance training:  Base Season and Training Camp Mistakes

How to Eat for Endurance – Matt Fitzgerald

Endurance Diet, Nutrition, Whole Foods, Chocolate Milk, Carbs, Cooking


Matt Fitzgerald, author, coach and sports-nutritionist joins us to talk about ‘The Endurance Diet', his new book and an over-arching concept that you likely have adopted if you are having success in endurance sport. If you are not reaching your potential, struggling with illness or poor recovery then today's podcast is going to be huge for you. 
If you have it all figured out you will want to listen to Matt's mix of science and practical experience to ensure you are doing everything you need to do to succeed and to boost your confidence that the latest fad-diet is not worth sacrificing what is working for you. 

How Obstacle Course Race – Lindsay Webster

OCR, MudRun, Fitness, Obstacle Course, Running, Strength


Lindsay Webster joins us today to talk Obstacle Course Racing. 

Lindsay is the OCR World Champion and loves ice cream! 

She shares training tips, experiences starting out as a female OCR racer, helps us with our burpees and talks about grip strength. 

Soccer & 10 min Core – Lauren Sesselmann

Soccer, Fitness, model, core, video, entrepreneur 


Today we have Lauren Sesselmann, a Professional Soccer player and entrepreneur. We talk about fitness routines for those traveling or just those who are busy. We talk soccer skills and being an entrepreneur. Lauren was a great guest. Check it out! 

How to Run a Marathon (or 40!) – Aimee Shililng

Running, Marathon, Run, Fitness, Goals, Resolutions, Stage Racing

Aimee Shilling joins us today fresh off finishing her 40 marathons by age 40 challenge. She also added a ‘small' challenge most recently within the 40 marathons to run 7 marathons in 7 days as a fundraiser for World Vision.

Learn why and how she set this big goal, how she prepared, the challenges along the way and also how to handle the let down after finishing a big goal.

On top of her own athletic pursuits Aimmee is a mother and coaches young 3rd-6th graders for running. She has a Bachelors in Sports Ministry and is a group fitness instructor. She has been a marathon pacer and helped clients reach goal times in a variety of distance runs and races.