Back Pedal Podcast Interviewee FAQ

Hello friend, we are super excited to have you as a guest at The Back Pedal Podcast!

 Please read through this helpful information so we can ensure the best possible experience for you.

Audience & Topic

Back Pedal is a conversational interview podcast about the business of bikes. The goal is to highlight the industry's best innovators, forward-thinkers, and inspirational figures and brands.

We spend approximately 30 minutes discussing what is means to run a modern business in the cycling industry, and tips for how others can elevate their game.

I'd actually prefer to keep the conversation as casual and informal as we can. No previous podcasting experience is required, but a good attitude and a desire to dig into the fun, the stress, the chaos, the culture, and the beauty of cycling will go a long way here!

Recording & Technical Details

We’ll be talking over telephone or via Zoom or Google Hangouts video conference — We’ll call you at the scheduled time.

  • We’ll only record audio, no video. We generally switch on video in Zoom or Google Hangouts to help the conversation flow more naturally, but only if you are comfortable doing so.
  • The time goal for the conversation is about 30 minutes.
  • Make sure you’re wearing headphones/earbuds. Otherwise my voice from your computer speakers will leak into your vocal audio track, which isn’t good. 🙁
  • A professional microphone is definitely a plus, but you shouldn’t worry if you don’t have one. Earbuds with the built in mic are completely acceptable.
  • Try to eliminate noise and distractions. Turn off sounds on your phone.
  • Try to relax and be yourself: the podcast is very freeform, friendly, and forgiving. We're happy to take out anything that gets off the rails, don't worry!

Your Next Steps

Here’s what you should do next:

  1. If you haven’t yet, schedule your recording time using this link. It syncs with our calendar automatically, so no confirmation is necessary.
  2. Be ready at the scheduled time wearing headphones. I’ll call you on time.

If you ever have any questions, please get in touch at Looking forward our chat!